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The DVSA MOT Testing Guide
Updated 2nd April 2024

Content published by DVSA and obtained by MOT Juice under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

How the MOT scheme is administered and the rules for authorised examiners, testers and testing different types of vehicles. This guide sets out the rules you have to follow to run an MOT test station.

Abbreviations and definitions
Glossary of terms
Section A
Section B
Authorised Examiners (AE's)
Section C
Designated councils, taxis and private hire vehicles
Section D
Requirements for authorisation
Section E
Section F
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
Section G
Vehicle presenters
Section H
Section I
Section J
Vehicle prohibitions
Section K
Police vehicle defect rectification scheme (VDRS)
Section L
Accounts and fees
Section M
System rules and user roles
Section N
MOT contingency testing procedures
Appendix 1
MOT management training
Appendix 2
Facilities and security
Appendix 3
Grounds for refusal
Appendix 4
Liability for loss or damage
Appendix 5
Tester qualifications
Appendix 6
Tester training and demonstration tests
Appendix 7
Convictions and repute
Appendix 8
Disciplinary procedures
Update log of the MOT Testing Guide
MOT Testing Guide